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Oikein kaunis siitä Miasta tuli.

Ihan kansainvälisen tason kaunotar - toki hän on nätti luonnostaan.

The contempt the mgolus seem to hold everyone that isn't a mogul just boggles the mind.Outside of money, and lots of it, you need three kinds of people to make a successful film.1. Filmmakers (writers, directors, technicians)2. Actors (to work in front of the camera)3. The Audience (to buy tickets and DVDs)So far the mgolus are succeeding in alienating all three out of mix of greed, contempt, and stupidity about how their industry really works. They think all they need is a slicked up balance sheet to attract investors.But without those three kinds of people, you're not going to be able to make the films that attract or earn the kind of money needed to make more movies and TV shows.That's why I urge everyone to NOT buy DVDs this Xmas season until the strike is settled. We can live without DVDs, the mgolus can't.

Jag kommer verkligen älskar dig för gästerna publicering på tyylinvartija.egorazzi.com

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